Spring Break is Almost Here!

Everything was pretty good today. I didn’t have homework again and I found out that my mom can go on the trip to Chicago. During track we practiced blind hand offs with the baton for relays and my grandma picked me up so I could see her for the last time before I go to my dad’s house for spring break. While I’d rather be at my mom’s it will still be nice to have a week off. Tomorrow is my school’s talent show so that should be exciting and I can’t wait for break.

Best Day Ever!!!!!

This has definitely been a great day. There’s the fact that I didn’t have any homework, there’s only 2 days ’till spring break or that I got 2 1/2 hours all alone at home after track, sure but the reason today was so great came about during my 3rd hour student council meeting. Mrs. Prater and Mrs. Fitzpatrick announced that due to all the money we raised this year student council will be taking a trip to Chicago! This is especially exciting for me since I have never traveled outside of Michigan. I’ve been to the U.P but never out of state. I’m so excited about it and I’ll be counting down the days until the trip.

Track: Day 2

So today was the second track practice I had and I’m pretty sure my legs will be sore in the morning. First we split into groups, I was in the long distance group. We ran for ten minutes, did a one minute wall sit, ran up and down the cafeteria stairs for five minutes and finally ended with another ten minute run. When I run I usually go for distance and not so much speed, but with everyone on the team and all the excitement I really pushed myself today. I’m glad the season has started and I’m looking forward to everything to come.

Easter Day!!!

Its finally Easter! Of course my youngest sister Hattie was up before anyone, ready to tear into her basket. We had a small egg hunt at my dads and then played outside most of the rest of the day until at last it was time to go home to my mom’s house. There we found to our surprise that along with our usual baskets of goodies our neighbor had hidden eggs in our yard for us. All in all it was a good Easter, my sisters and I had just better make sure we brush our teeth good tonight.

Easter Eve (?)

I don’t know what else to call today so I’m declaring it Easter Eve. Anyway today the weather was super nice so I went for a 3 mile run. After that my sister’s and I played Clue (my favorite board game) and watch the 1998 re make of The Parent Trap. Other than that not a lot happened and we’ve mostly just been passing the time ’till tomorrow morning.

Early Easter

Today I went to my grandparents (on my mom’s side) in order to celebrate Easter because I’ll be at my dad’s house this weekend. I didn’t want a lot of can’t but I did get a few Cadbury Eggs (my favorite Easter candy) and a crossword puzzle book. Other than that I spent most of the day outside, but it was a fun day and it’s cool that I get to have two Easters.

First Day of Track

Today was the first day of track practice. I’m really excited about doing it since its been over a year since I’ve been in an actual sport. That’s because at the beginning of the year I skipped cross country to have more time to study in math in hopes of getting straight A’s so I can get into the advanced math class next year. Since then I feel as if I have gotten a grip on what were learning so I decided to sign up for track. It felt great to be back on a team, and unlike last year I can run long distance. The two events I signed up for were the 2 and 1 mile open run. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season. Other than that we’ve got a three day weekend starting tomorrow and Easter on Sunday so I’ll definitely have something to write about.


Nothing super interesting happened today. We had to write a DBQ essay in social studies and I got the draft done. Then we had some math homework but I luckily got that done in class. When I got home I tried to go running but only went a mile because it was so cold. I’ll be able to make up for it tomorrow though, I have my first track practice. I’m really excited because this year I can run long distance and I couldn’t in sixth grade. Other than that nothing much of interest, but track will give me something to write about tomorrow.

Reliving Childhood

Okay so the title doesn’t make a lot of sense because I haven’t really been alive long enough to miss my childhood but lately I’ve been rewatching a lot of the shows and movies from when I was little. In second grade I loved the 1960s Underdog cartoon and even dressed up as him for Halloween that year (I still consider that the best costume I ever had.) Then in 3rd grade I became obsessed with the 90s Looney Tunes spin- off Tiny Toon Adventures. Rewatching all of these shows made me remember how much I used to love them. On recesses I would sing Underdogs theme song at the top of my lungs and swing, pretending that I was flying. It makes me kind of miss when I was little and barley had a care in the world.